Monday, October 19, 2015

Drew-O-Ween Nancy Drew Halloween Window Silhouette

 Nancy Drew Window Silhouette 
for the Drew-O-Ween 
Velvet Mas-CLUE-Rade
Halloween Party

Creating a window silhouette is inexpensive and fun--and, fairly easy depending on your design. Play around and create a mock-up image showing shapes and a general idea and print it out. In this case, I took a dancing couple silhouette, added in Nancy Drew's head and the Velvet Mask thief from the Nancy Drew book, The Clue of the Velvet Mask, added some bats and merged it together and added my own touches. This recreates in part, the scene where Nancy is at the masquerade party and one of the thieves mistakes her for another member of the gang and starts dancing with her and blabs a few clues to her.

Easy tools to complete this project include: pencil, tape, scissors, the image and black paper or poster board. Not pictured: tissue paper to back it and an eraser which will be handy as you start freehand drawing.

Depending on how your window is set up--cut the picture into squares to match - mine is in 4 pieces, so I cut it accordingly. Then each poster board makes up the four large sections and you can sketch into each square--which makes drawing by hand easier and makes everything match up better as you piece it together. Tape inside the window, back with tissue paper. Colors that work great for this are yellow to orange or a deep blue. Anything really pale in color will be almost too light and look like white tissue. Case in point, the lilac color I picked out looked white when on the window, so I went with a deep blue that actually looks more blue in person than in the photo. I used orange tissue to create Nancy's mask.

I'll have more pictures later in the week with the full effect of the window and all the other decorations...



Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining this, Jenn. I've wondered for several years how you do such a great job with the Halloween silhouettes. Do neighbors and passers-by ever comment on them?

Jennifer Fisher said...

Yes I do usually get comments and on Halloween too - parents sometimes take pics with their kids up by the window. Some of the older kids will recognize Nancy Drew and really like it too. This year though, after the Drew-O-Ween is over, I'm not using the same silhouette for Halloween weekend, I'm going to transition from Nancy Drew to Peanuts Great Pumpkin so everything has to be taken down and a whole new decor scene set up--some things I'll reuse for Peanuts Great Pumpkin, but some will have to be removed and boxed for another time.