Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nancy Drew Cereal Promo Collectibles

Nancy Drew Cereal Box Collectibles

Fans of Nancy Drew who search for elusive and harder to find collectibles should add the cereal promotions to their list if they haven't seen these before. There were several different cereal promotions - Cookie Crisp had 6 mystery paint books you could get--they included paint that you could use to color in the line drawing panels. Lucky Charms had a promo going where you could get activity books. And Raisin Bran also had a promo where you could send off for books. Some years ago there was a collector making reproduction boxes--and so the Lucky Charms box pictured above is a reproduction. The Raisin Bran box above is original and the Cookie Crisp box below is also original.

Finding these booklets was quite a journey, but I managed to complete the set several years ago by finding the Visitors From Tomorrow with the alien on the front in a Flickr search and the owner agreed to sell it. Sometimes you have to think outside of the eBay box because you just don't see the wide range of collectibles there anymore like you used to.


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