Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Nancy Drew Halloween Party Craft Project #2 - Ghostly Window Silhouettes

Ghostly Window Silhouettes
Another project I worked on today for my upcoming Nancy Drew Ghost of Blackwood Hall Halloween Party was putting ghost silhouettes into the front 3 arch windows on one side of the house that's a studio. I was going to do my usual black window silhouettes backed with a yellow tissue and then immediately ruled that out--ghosts should be white I think, they're more effective that way, so I decided to cover the window with the black and cut out the ghosts and back the cutout area with the white tissue paper. I think this effect is much more spooky, after all I'm trying to "haunt" the house!

I had 3 windows and used 4 poster board sheets for these - One solid piece and then a part of one to make it taller. This is a very inexpensive project to do and has such a great effect. The poster board was .99 cents at Michaels and a little less with a discount I had on my total purchase and the white tissue I had on hand in the Christmas wrap drawers, but a package is generally around a dollar or more at most stores.

I put the 2 pieces of poster board together and taped along the seam--I didn't worry about removing the sticker on the back since I kept that side as the backside which no one will see. Then, I drew on my ghosts with a pencil and then cut them out--I cut them out within the poster board, leaving borders all the way around to keep it one sturdy piece, then taped white tissue on the back, flipped it over and added some tape underneath various areas onto the tissue to stabilize it. Then I cut out features and taped those on. Luckily the windows were as wide as the poster board so I didn't have to trim up and down on those. Now I need to do several of the upstairs windows and the front window to go along with the theme. This was a method that was much quicker than my usual black silhouettes and then taping loads of tissue all over the window.

Here it is ready to hang and then below are pics of how the windows turned out:


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