Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nancy Drew Halloween Party Craft Project #1

My first Halloween Craft Project this year was to make a creepy yet elegant Skeletal Wreath for the door - both for decoration for Halloween and to go along with my annual Nancy Drew Halloween party. It was very simple and easy to do and I used supplies from Michael's to do it:

A wreath form, hot glue gun and glue sticks, some rolls of ribbon, and a bag of skeleton hands plus I added a glittered black crow to the ribbon hanger.

Begin by wrapping the wreath form with your ribbon and use a small dab of hot glue to keep it in place--at the beginning and several more times throughout the wrapping process and at the end.  I chose a ribbon about 1/2" wide in the Halloween section that is slightly transparent and edged with glittery fluff which looked really nice on the wreath form. The ribbon was in 3 yard rolls and I took 2 plus a tiny bit of a 3rd.

Once you have the wreath form covered, it's time to glue on the skeleton hands. I purchased 2 bags and used one and about half of the second bag. Each bag has 12 skeleton hands in it. 

Position the hands around and get a pattern you like - I matched up short finger ends and long finger ends to keep it in aligned visually all the way around.

Some hot glue on one side and press and hold for a few seconds to set. If you end up using too much glue and it bleeds out around the edges, which I had happen on some of mine, best to take some black paint and cover the glue once cooled so it blends in with the background and doesn't distract visually.

Once you have them all glued on, you can add a ribbon hanger. I had a small gap between the last 2 I glued where I added my ribbon hanger but felt it seemed too bare, so I added one more skeleton hand coming downward which I think gave it more character--see picture at top.


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