Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nancy Drew Fabric Contest #2 - Entries & Vote

It's time for our 2nd Nancy Drew Fabric Contest!

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone for voting! Our Top Winner is Kim for her lovely quilt! 2nd place goes to Erika for her cool apron!

Featuring Moda's Nancy Drew Get a Clue Fabric - we have 8 entries to vote on! Vote in the poll top right through  Sept. 2nd and the top 2 votes will get these prizes:

Top Prize - Blue Book Panel & Nancy Drew Tandy Image Coin Purse:

Second Prize: 30's Nancy Key Chain Watch:

Here are the Entries:

1. Dede's Bag (another image above):

2. Erika's Apron:

3. Karen's Set of 3 Tissue Covers:


4. Marti's Apron:

5. Pam's Pin Cushion (uses the charm packs to make)


6. Renae's Book Cover Pillows:


7. Tori's Hair Bows:

8. Kim's Quilt:


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