Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nancy Drew Clue Crew Graphic Novel Contest


Ashley, Mystery Player and Lea. E-mail your address to:

Nancy Drew sleuths in Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew #2 Secret Sand Sleuths now in print by Papercutz.

In this story, for Nancy and her pals it's a night at the museum! A beautiful sand mandala at the modern art museum is ruined. Fortunately, Nancy and the Crew are on the scene, and while they might not understand all the artwork, they know they like to solve a mystery! Following a mysterious hum, they get lost in the vast museum, and may end up facing more than they can handle.

This book comes in both paperback and hardcover versions and there is a proof out there with a blurb on the cover that it's not for resale but for sleuthing only which is cool!

This new Clue Crew graphic novel series is illustrated by Stan Goldberg. It begins with a quote from Nancy, "Interesting is what my Dad calls art when he really think it stinks." These are very cute graphic novels that are a nice companion to the regular Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew book series by Simon & Schuster.

I've got a giveaway too with this preview - it's a cool Papercutz catalog that has some neat stuff in it on the Clue Crew--good paper ephemera for Nancy Drew collectors! I'll be giving away some of these in a drawing to those who comment. Be sure to comment with your name. 

Here's your mission for your comment if you choose to accept it--name your top 5 classic Nancy Drew books you'd like to see Papercutz turn into a graphic novel! Post entries by Sun. April 28 to be entered.



Laura said...

My choices (and they were difficult) are, in publication order:

The Secret at Shadow Ranch
The Secret of Red Gate Farm
The Ringmaster's Secret
The Mysterious Mannequin
Mystery of the Glowing Eye

Thanks for the fun contest, Jenn.
Laura Albert

Ashley said...

My choices would be:

The Moonstone Castle Mystery
The Whispering Statue
The Password to Larkspur Lane
The Invisible Intruder
The Mystery at the Ski Jump

Ashley G. :)

Jenn said...

Obviously I can't be entered in the drawing, but I want to list mine:

The Secret of the Old Clock (might be good to start with #1 and go in order?)

The Hidden Staircase - good spooky mystery, spooky "haunted house" with secret passageways/hidden staircase.

The Secret in the Old Attic - another good spooky one with spooky house, hidden attic room, spiders, creepy factory with "mad scientist" Trott.

The Crooked Banister - creepy and strange house, crazy robot, room of poisons, right up graphic novel alley!

Mystery of the Glowing Eye - another one with a "mad scientist", Ned kidnapped, robot helicopter, strange "cyclops" villain, museum with "glowing eye" apparatus that temporarily paralyzes those who look into it--another good graphic novel waiting to happen!


Lea said...

The Haunted Bridge - I want to see a cartoon version of Mortimer Bartescue
The Spider Sapphire Mystery - the safari setting would be cool in color
The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes - I'm on a bit of a Scoland kick these days
The Ringmasters Secret - colorful circus vibe
The Clue in the Crumbling Wall - the Cinderella shoe angle would be rendered well in graphics

Anonymous said...

Jenn,let me just say that...I love this contest (as well as your last one (:.)

The Whistling Bagpipes-A family member of mine has only read one ND book EVER but loves Scotland and the format of graphic novels.

The Mystery At Lilac Inn-I LOVE this story and I think that the ending is very dramatic and exciting (the most exciting parts are usually when Nancy's in trouble!(:) and I think that that would look great in a graphic novel.I also think that Nancys disguise would look pretty cool!

The Secret In The Old Attic-This is another GREAT book!I have not read the 1st Ed but I have read ABOUT it and I really think that the side plot about Ned sounds interesting.This is another book in which I think that the ending is dramatic and I would be really excited to see it in a graphic novel (I would also love to see the little girl).

The Secret Of Shadow Ranch-At first I was unsure about how this story would turn out in a graphic novel's just such a romantic story (Bess isn't alone when it comes to loving love letters!) and I would also love to see the ghost horse in color.

The Mystery Of The Glowing Eye-This is one of my all time favorite ND books (I noticed that some people have also chosen this,including you,Jenn)!I would really love to see the helicopter,the swamp,Emerson college,I think that these parts (and more) would look great illustrated!
I also think that,at the end,when Ned is telling everyone about what happened,that it would be really cool if it showed illustrations of his experience.

Laura said...

mysteryplayer: Glowing Eye is my all-time favourite ND book as well. Or at least my favourite of the originals. And it was my first though for which of the originals I would want adapted to graphic novel form.

And your reasons for choosing it and Shadow Ranch are my reasons as well.

Jenn: I also considered/chose Secret of the Old Clock, Glowing Eye and Crooked Bannister for the reasons you stated.

And I also chose/considered Invisible Intruder and Ringmaster's Secret like Ashley and Lea.

Really they could do any of the books and I'd be okay with it and I did say this was a difficult choice. (I'm the Laura of the first reply post.)

SiennaRose said...

Great idea for a contest!!!
My choices would be:

The Secret of the Old Clock
The Sign of the Twisted Candles
Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk
The Mystery of the Fire Dragon
The Crooked Banister

Sienna P.

Anonymous said...

Wow,I'm happy you agree,Laura (total Ned + Nancy fan here (: !)!
If you want,you could visit my
I know I've said it before but...GREAT CONTEST JENN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun question! I've enjoyed all the graphic novels so far and it would be neat to see fully-illustrated versions of the classic stories.

My five would be the following, in no particular order:
Hidden Staircase (secret passageways and sets the tone)
Ringmaster's Secret (I think the circus setting would have great visuals)
Shadow Ranch (romance and ghosts)
Missing Map
Glowing Eye (jumping on the bandwagon here, but it does have a lot of excitement)

As an honorable mention, can I throw in Captive Witness? It's always been one of my favorites, and I think it would make a great graphic novel.


Jenn said...

Winners are: Ashley, Mystery Player, and Lea. I've got Lea's address, the rest of you e-mail yours to me at


Ashley said...

Hi Jenn,

I emailed you my address - let me know when you expect to mail them out and I'll be on the lookout! Thanks for the contest! :)


Jenn said...

Ashley, I'm not mailing out the prizes for this one - they are coming directly from Papercutz. So you should receive something soon.