Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nancy Drew Get a Clue Fabric Blog Party & Contest Day 3

Nancy Drew Fabric Blog
Party & Contest Day 3

Here we are, day three of our Nancy Drew Fabric Blog Party! Hope you're enjoying everything so far. I've loved what everyone has created.

For those of you who have fabric or are planning to purchase some, who are wondering about easy sewing projects, here's a few links you might check out:

Martha Stewart - Easy Sewing Projects

Country Living - Creative Sewing Crafts

Better Homes & Gardens - Easy Sewing Projects

I recently had a custom Nancy Drew bag made for me using the blue endpapers as a liner and the more natural looking book spines by Nancy who does the bags for The Drewtique, here it is:

This week, when leaving comments, keep in mind this is a comment moderated Blog due to spam and anonymous comments are not allowed any more. You need to be registered through Google, Blogger, or Open ID of some type to leave comments. When you do leave a comment, I have to approve it, so it won't go through immediately, once I see the comments come through, I'll get to approve them, so please be patient and don't repeat comments unless you don't see them posted by end of day--if you don't see them by then, maybe some Nancy Drew villain has foiled you ;) So, retry again.


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