Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Nancy Drew Convention

Boston 2013

Attend a Nancy Drew Convention and follow in Nancy Drew's footsteps! Each year the Nancy Drew Sleuths host a convention in various cities around the country where classic Nancy Drew books have been set. While most of the classics were set in and around fictional River Heights, there were some set in actual places around the country and in other countries.

We like to combine sightseeing, book hunting, and convention activities into a mysterious week of thrills. We'll visit sights in the area including places Nancy visited in the book, book hunt, tour local book collections, host a convention day of presentations that run the range from fan based to scholarly, have merchandise and vintage books for sale, take part in activities like "Sleuth Survivor" or "The Amazing Case," and host a mystery dinner with activities and a gift exchange. We get fans of all ages in attendance but most are 20s to 50s+ in age.

This year in Boston from May 28 to June 2, we'll be hosting a piratical Meet & Greet party to go with our Wooden Lady theme, we'll be lunching at a haunted inn in Concord, checking out Louisa May Alcott's home, a cemetery tour of famous authors, spending a day and haunted evening in Salem, checking out historical sites in Boston, a clambake on a private island with a Sleuth Survivor treasure hunt, and then hosting our convention day with Nancy Drew illustrator Ruth Sanderson among other speakers. Everyone who registers gets a swag bag full of great Nancy Drew goodies!

The deadline to register is March 25.

To get clued in, visit our Nancy Drew Convention page!


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