Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nancy Drew Featured in Young Adult Show at Gallery 1988

Young Adult Show at Gallery 1988

Currently at Gallery 1988 in Melrose, CA they have been running a Young Adult show sponsored by Hello Giggles. The show focuses on the young adult series and books from the 1980s and 1990s including Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, Harriet the Spy and more. You can purchase prints and original art at their website.

Here are some samples of the Nancy Drew inspired artwork below - shown above is a piece by Tracie Ching.

 Mud Flaps by Misha

Tapping Heels Inspired by Becky Dreistadt

Old Attic Inspired by Kelly Vivanco

Embroidery by Ellen Schinderman



Jean Marie said...

I love the Kelly Vivanco picture! She has great style. Thanks for pointing this out, I'd love to own a few prints for my office :)

Jenn said...

Her pic is great--I wish there had been prints of it. But there are some cute ones left--I got the Tapping Heels inspired one, the mud flaps, the Double Horror one and also the Velvet Mask one you'll see at their site. So many neat ones.