Saturday, January 19, 2013

Series Books: Scary Things Kids (& Adults) Do #1

That's No Picture Cover!

Some little crafter cut up some Penny Parker dust jackets and pasted the images of Penny onto the covers of these books! Penny Parkers with a dust jacket routinely sell from $20 to $60+ depending on book and condition. The last two volumes can command over $60 and upwards of $100+. Naked books, maybe a few dollars. Naked books with pasted on cutouts? $12.84.



ComicalCrafty said...

I actually found Kindle ebooks of Penny Parker on Amazon awhile back, and I've been wondering, does the book "The Whispering Walls" have anything to do with the episode of the ND/HB TV series from the 1970s of the same name?

Jenn said...

No, not that I'm aware of, just a coincidence.