Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Nancy Drew Collectibles at eBay

Nancy Drew Purchases at eBay

I thought I'd share some recent finds on eBay in the last few months. eBay tends to be very hit and miss anymore for Nancy Drew collectibles, however I did purchase 3 that interested me. The first is the Nancy Drew Hidden Staircase poster from the 1939 Movie starring Bonita Granville. This is one of my favorite books and movies so to me it was more nostalgic to own this one. It's a very large poster--no standard frames in the frame shops will hold it so I'll have to have a special frame ordered or built. It's fragile too and chipping in areas but is very bright and colorful as to the imagery.

The Nancy Drew Files promo booklet is not without its wear and soiling but was a promo copy from the 1980s when the Files launched--you don't see these very often so I purchased it inexpensively and will seek an upgrade. I don't mind upgrading inexpensive collectibles--I do have issues with investing lots of money in expensive books and collectibles I know I'll be having to upgrade at some point--so I tend to be pick on condition with those kinds of items.

The last one is the Fall 1994 Country Collectibles Magazine which has an article on Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys on page 68 by Roy Nuhn. It features quite a few covers--in b/w--focusing on the Stratemeyers and some collecting info. I like to collect magazines that have articles about Nancy Drew and have amassed dozens of them--always on those lookout for these :)



Kara said...

YOU! Omgosh I love you, you know I do, but you're the one that outbid me on the files book! WAHHHHHHH. Yeah, I saw that and was so excited. Oh well. I'll catch it another time ;) LOL glad a good ND fan got it! :)

And I didn't even try on the poster. I saw it went to the hundreds and accepted the fact that I'm a poor college student...rofl :}

Jenn said...

Oh no :) It's always hard to know who you're bidding against they way they hide the IDs! I hope another one is listed soon for you!


Kara said...

Aww, thank you! I'm just happy a collector actually got it instead of some other person who was looking to win and sell again. Those people...-.-
Fortunately, I was able to snag the 75th ornament recently so I'm very happy with that! :D That was my very happy find. hehe