Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nancy Drew Books From eBay #1

A few months back I received a package from an eBay purchase of a dozen or so Nancy Drew picture covers. When I received the package my first thought was that it was strange the seller used a huge box for just a dozen books and then I wondered what would find inside. Jennifer White has blogged about similar packages and how they've been very strangely and/or poorly packed here. I had to share my experience because it was a bit absurd. Luckily the books arrived OK--but everything was scrambled inside the box with some books stuck inside each other or opened up between others--and that's because there was very little packing material. Even stranger? Was the crinkled paper towel in the bottom of the box. On purpose or somebody's lunch napkin that suddenly disappeared?! You can see it in the last photo below... ;-)


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