Friday, April 06, 2012

Nancy Drew Tote at Barnes & Noble

Nancy Drew Tote at Barnes & Noble

Nancy Fans: Run out to your local Barnes & Noble shops and pick up the cool Nancy Drew Tote! Priced at $1.99 they are going fast! In fact, some stores aren't even carrying them, so be sure to check in your area to find which ones do. They can look up in their computer system to see which stores in your area have them, if the one you visit doesn't have them. 

These are a limited time item from what I'm hearing. I'm sending out some to various Sleuth members who requested one and bought almost all that only 1 Phoenix/valley area store was carrying. 

One reason this tote is especially popular among fans, is the VINTAGE artwork on the bag--it's the first cover art for #21 The Secret in the Old Attic done by the very popular Nancy Drew illustrator Russell H. Tandy--featured on both sides of the bag.

Hopefully Barnes & Noble will do another tote in the future or release more of this style in more stores so fans can get them.



Michelle said...

My Barnes & Noble was suprisingly opened on Easter so I went down and walked around the store looking for them. Lo and behold they were on the floor behind the counter, and the clerks didn't even know they had them. I'm glad I made them double check. I got 2 and they are really nice. Not bad for $4.00

Jewel Divas Style said...

Can't wait to get mine.