Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nancy Drew Books: Scary Things Kids (& Adults) Do #12

HYPERS! I'm not sure, but this may just be one of the worst things I've seen thus far in my Scary Things Kids (& Adults) Do series of blogs.

When I saw this listing at eBay I laughed and shook my head. Some little monster took a sharpie or marker and wrote all over the inside of the dust jacket as you can see it shows above and then below. You can buy it now for $4.99 in all its glory.

Looks like they wrote all the names of their buddies down like Mike, Bill, and Phil--rhyming buddies perhaps. They even knew John Hancock! WOW. And of course Kathy and Tom. And maybe Dan with the smiley face inside the D. My bet is Kathy is the culprit since it's the only girls' name here and she was listing her boyfriends she was stalking around the playground.

Just for good measure, she added more names to the endpapers in case the dust jacket didn't cut it...



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ksmadman (junior) said...

I HATE that. I will admit, I used to HATE it when someone colored in the illustrations, but I will admit when I was a kid, I bought a couple beat up Nancys and Hardys and colored in the illustrations. I bought a cameo once (back in the day) site unseen that a child couldn't RESIST the fact that it looked like coloring book page illustrations. . . (of course seller didn't include that info) and also a first of Stagecoach where someone gave Nancy a Lynda Carter black bouffant! I WAS MAD. Those were things to mention. Never bought from that mail order seller's list AGAIN. :-

I traced pictures from both series and colored them in.