Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nancy Drew 2012 Calendars

2012 Nancy Drew Calendars

In addition to our Russell H. Tandy and Rudy Nappi Nancy Drew book cover calendars (out in 2011) which are available again this year with a 2012 calendar, we have added 2 new styles to the mix (click on images for larger views):

A) Vintage Nancy Drew Mystery Calendar - Features 12 black/white Russell H. Tandy illustrations from the books with accompanying text from the mystery that sets the scene of the illustration. Very "Sleuth Noir." Featuring Nancy Drew in the typical perilous predicaments she often found herself in.

B) Things We've Learned From Nancy Drew - Features 12 classic Nancy Drew black/white illustrations of Nancy and quotes about things we've learned from our favorite intrepid sleuth. In case you ever play Nancy Drew, these might come in handy!

Calendars are $21.99 each plus $5.50 flat rate ship total no matter how many calendars are ordered. That's US shipping. If you're in Canada or overseas, please contact me about shipping rates at nancydrewsleuth@aol.com.

You can purchase them by check or money order to:

Jennifer Fisher
P.O. Box 128
Higley, AZ 85236-0128

You can have me invoice you via Pay Pal or send a Pay Pal to: nancydrewsleuth@aol.com.

Or you can purchase at The Sleuth Shop or in our Cafe Press Nancy Drew Shop:

Sleuth Shop

Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop


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