Wednesday, November 09, 2011

2011 Book Hunting for Nancy Drew #3

I was traveling through Albuquerque and decided to stop at a favorite spot for vintage series books, Page One Bookstore - they have a rare/antique book room you have to buzz to get into and there's always something in there plus outside the room is several shelves of vintage series too. And then there's the regular kids section that has new and some used books too. I almost didn't stop as my mom and I were headed home from her art show and needed to beat some snow conditions before dark, but we dashed in for a quick look and boy was I glad...

When I got the 80th promotional kit for Nancy Drew with the stand up cardboard Nancy and the poster and buttons, my kit didn't have the shelf talker--shown above are 2 of them. The one we auctioned off in VA had one in the kit, so I was sad at missing out on it. They had 2 on the shelf at Page One so I asked if I could buy one of them and they gave it to me, which was very kind! They are very friendly and helpful at this store. You can check them out at 11018 Montgomery St at the SW corner of Juan Tabo. Their number is: (505) 294-2026. Click here for their website.

In the book room they had a set of 1-22 Cherry Ames in Dust Jacket for $300.00 but they are on sale right now for 20% off making them $240.00 if anyone is interested contact them above.

I spotted a Penny Nichols book on the shelf.

They also had quite a few boys' series including some of these Rick Brant books. I saw some Three Investigators, Tom Swift, and Beverly Gray as well as other various series books.

I purchased a #15 (final book in series) Betty Gordon and the Mystery Girl in DJ--Russell H. Tandy illustrated this one and I collect books that he illustrated. It was only $20.00.


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