Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Nancy Drew Sleuthing Tip #1

Communication By Code

Nancy and her chums develop a handy code for communicating in The Secret of the Forgotten City. Every third word in each sentence of a set of 3 to 4 sentences adds up to a message, such as “I spy a villain!”



Anonymous said...

Speaking of codes, has anyone deciphered the code in the ND article in Country Living magazine? I was impressed CL really got into Nancy enough to create such a fun activity! However, after I decoded it, I followed the instructions to send in my answer but was never able to get anywhere. I went to the Hearst link but it said it wasn't available. I wondered if the first 10 people had already responded. Anyway, I thought it was cool! Gina

Jenn said...

Gina, no, I haven't even tried to crack it yet :) I think pretty quickly CL posted on their Facebook or Twitter that they had their 10 first responders pretty soon after the issue hit the stand.

I was glad they did that little code contest, made it more fun.