Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Nancy Drew Finds - Hollywood Collectibles

I recently found this magazine at eBay - Hollywood Collectibles - the July 1994 issue. It has a Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys article in it about the TV series from the 1970s plus the Disney shows and the cartoons and also the 1930s Nancy Drew movies.

There are quite a few collectible items pictured in the piece by Anna Kluger.

The article begins by talking about Edward Stratemeyer--and it actually gets the date correct for the founding of the Stratemeyer Syndicate--1905. You often see this misstated in articles and in the media. The article discusses the mystery genre and segues into Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

Pictured are Walt Disney Hardy Boys comics, Hardy Boys games and books, magazine articles, LPs, the 1970s show fan club kit, and the record player.

Nancy Drew collectibles pictured include puzzle books and a lobby card from Nancy Drew Reporter.

Following the article is a price guide for Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys collectibles. Some examples of 1994 pricing for Nancy Drew items:

1930s Movie Lobby Cards - $60.00
Today you'd pay in the hundreds for these.

Nancy Drew Lunchbox - $45.00 (complete)
Today that's not a bad figure, but I've seen them also sell complete over $100.00

Nancy Drew Halloween Costume - $45.00
Today--you'd pay at least around $150 to 250.00 depending on shape and completeness

Cartoonarama Greeting Card Kit - $30.00
Today that's not a bad price, though I've seen it sell for upwards of $75.00 at auction.


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