Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Nancy Drew: Mystery at Malachite Mansion

Nancy Drew Girl Detective #46 Cover

New outfit (yay!) and better title: Mystery at Malachite Mansion. Reminiscent of those classic titles with "mystery," "case," "hidden," "phantom," "ghost" and so forth. Much prefer those.



Nancy Lauzon said...

Yes, I prefer those titles too. They were almost tiny blurbs about the plot, and were definitely a factor in buying the book. 'The Clue in the Leaning Chimney of the Crumbling Mansion' or whatever. Nice graphic on this one, too.

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Todd said...

Love this title as well - but I'm curious about the sharks in the background - was expecting more of a mysterious house or something in the background - the sharks makes no sense with the title.

Jenn said...

Not sure, unless she goes swimming with sharks in this one :)