Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nancy Drew 2007 Movie Premier Invite

Some of you know my story about consulting on the Warner Brothers' 2007 Nancy Drew movie. And my whirlwind trip out to Hollywood to Grauman's Chinese Theater for the premier of the movie--just about a week before the Nancy Drew Sleuth convention was held out in Pasadena that year to coincide with the movie release.

I hadn't been invited to the premier and didn't really want to beg to go, so I just didn't say anything. Turns out I was supposed to be on the list but it got lost in the shuffle or some sort of mysterious thing like that. The director, Andy Fleming, called me to up to see if I was coming and I said I hadn't been invited, so that was rectified and the very next day I flew out in time to attend the premier. It was very rush rush last minute getting it all together but the event was just so much fun!

The other day on eBay, there was a listing for a Nancy Drew movie premier invitation. The auction photo just looked kind of like the movie poster so I e-mailed the seller for more details--the info on the invitation was inside a card--the cover of the card was shown in the listing. So I bid on it. I wasn't sure what it was exactly, thinking it might just be to attend a local theater's first showing.

When it arrived, it was in fact an invitation to attend the actual Hollywood premier at Grauman's. Of course, I missed out in getting this piece of memorabilia, so I was totally thrilled to further complete my set of 2007 movie memorabilia.

As shown in the photos here, the front is partially clear/see through to the image printed on the inside behind it. I did a quick scan of it to give you some shots of what it looks like.



Nancy Lauzon said...


This is so cool. I didn't see the movie, was it good? Also, I guess I can't relate to this character's long brown hair. In the book's her hair was shorter and 'titian'. A word I never hear except in reference to ND. But I think it means 'reddish blonde'. So I just don't picture Nancy as a brunette!

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Jenn said...


It had a lot of elements of the classic Nancy Drew books (purposely) such as spooky house, secret passageways, sleuthing and clues and what not but it also had elements of modern stuff and "mean girls" and "fish out of water" that detracted somewhat. Some liked it, some didn't. I liked parts and other parts weren't to my liking as they were too much of a departure. Overall it was cute and kids (their main target audience) seemed to like it.

People really get caught up on hair color from what I gather from fans. Nancy went from being blond in the originals to titian/red-haired later on, so there seem to be factions who will accept one or the other but not both. 1970s TV Nancy Drew Pamela Sue Martin was also a brunette. I think with the hair color issue, that people will just never be pleased unfortunately :) Depending on which Nancy people visualize--the blonde or the reddish blonde (painted as a red head on book covers)--the one they choose (or don't choose) will conflict.


JK said...

That's neat that you found that on ebay, especially since you should've gotten one to begin with. I only wish the movie theater near my house had been open when the movie came out, it would've been cool to see it there.

Jenn said...


I know, right :) I was glad to find it because I didn't even know it existed!


Amanda said...

Does everyone know that the girl who plays Nancy Drew in the movie is also on a really good movie names "Hotel for Dogs?"
Should check it out. I've seen it lotsa times!! :)