Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch

Her Interactive has officially launched their new iPad game, Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch. Anyone with an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone can play the game.

The greatest thing about this game is the interactive nature of it--it's not a book and it's not a game, it's a hybrid of both that allows you to read along with the story and interact and solve the mystery.

CEO of Her Interactive, Megan Gaiser, states "You're no longer just reading a Nancy Drew mystery; you're fully engaged and influencing how the mystery unfolds as you play the story. The iPhone, iPod touch and iPad provide the ideal platforms for this new game play experience with their elegant, Multi-Touch interfaces, gorgeous graphics and on-the-go portability."

Get the game at the iTunes Store!

Check out some screen captures:

Want to bring Shadow Ranch alive in person? Join the Nancy Drew Sleuths for their March 2012 Sleuth Con in Phoenix, AZ where they'll be focusing on the classic Nancy Drew tale as part of their series book theme. Fans will follow in Nancy Drew's footsteps to solve a few mysteries!


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Claire Marshall said...

Hi Guys,

Love your blog. I was the biggest Nancy Drew fan ever when I was a kid, and I just recently found (and downloaded) the Her Interactive app.

I love detective stories but just recently a Television network in Australia told me that kid's don't like detective stories any more? I just wanted to know what you guys thought about that.

Thanks Claire