Friday, February 18, 2011

Nancy Drew Decoder Puzzle

Nancy Drew Decoder Puzzle by Poof-Slinky

Originally developed by Cadaco which was acquired by Poof-Slinky last year, the Nancy Drew Decoder Puzzle is now ready for shipping! It is based on the first Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series book #1, Without a Trace.

It's got 250 pieces and then you have a decoder and decoder booklet to work to solve the mystery. It came out too late last year to get into stores, but hopefully you will start to see them more this year. It will depend on how sales of this puzzle do, as to whether they produce another game. I did suggest they create a puzzle based on a classic Nancy Drew book as those kinds of products tend to do better overall. Lend your support and maybe we'll see more of these!

I was given this list of stores to contact about getting the game:

Creative Store Concepts @

S.W. Randall @

Franklin Press @

Amazing Toys @

Third Place Company @

Toyz @

University Book Store Mill Creek @

Veach’s @


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