Saturday, February 19, 2011

ANOTHER First Printing Nancy Drew Old Clock?

Would you believe another first printing of The Secret of the Old Clock recently showed up at eBay? On the heels of 2 other first printings sold in the last few months. Very. Unusual.

It's The Clever Case of the Newly Discovered Cache of First Printings! Mostly due to the fact that either the first generation now in their late 80s/early 90s is passing away or getting rid of possessions or the 2nd generation now around their late 60s to 70s is downsizing. This should give a lot of collectors hope that more will turn up. It also may decrease the value a bit. They used to sell for at least $10,000.00 at auction. The most recent two sold for just a bit over $7000.00. This one above just sold for only $4494.00.

But, it did have a major flaw--the seller's son tore the front panel of the dust jacket completely away from the spine. HYPERS! Talk about costing your mom thousands of dollars. That's got to be worth at least a serious grounding ;-) Ha. Ha.

A book like this with a clean tear will look fine in a Mylar dust jacket protector and will look almost complete. But the tear really devalues the dust jacket.



Jennifer said...

The seller had three early Nancy Drew books up for sale. Why oh why did the seller's son have to tear the only one that was worth thousands? Argh!!!!!!

I also think there are some collectors hoarding these 1930A-1 dust jackets away and not telling us about them. I really do. The first printing Old Clock dust jacket just seems way more scarce than it ought to be.

Jenn said...

You may very well be right about that! They may not want to reveal what they have. And there was that Sleuth member who picked one up at eBay for 100 and then resold it on and then off eBay for around 10,000--maybe that went to a Sleuth member or someone in our community perhaps...