Thursday, February 04, 2010

2009 Book Hunting for Nancy Drew #6

Ok, so you're a good sleuth and you noted that my title of this post was 2009 and it's now 2010 :) I'm slow to update. My last book hunting excursion of 2009 is late in coming but was a nice one. I was in Lubbock, TX just before Christmas and went to the best book store in town for vintage series books, The Book Inn, located on 2241 34th St. and their number is: 806-763-6682.

They have quite a few shelves of all kinds of vintage series books near the front of the store. Then in the back they have a kids' section that is always hectic and hit and miss--way too many books in the tiny space they have for it. They have a lot more books than I took photos of too.

As you can see from the images here, they have a nice variety--lots more picture cover Nancys than I took pictures of and a few in dust jacket or just boards and no djs.

Lots of variety of other books and series too--especially Rick Brant and Judy Bolton!

I ended up with some picture cover Nancy Drew books I needed and a few to sell--plus some higher numbered Trixie Belden paperbacks. These will go up shortly at my website's shop.


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karav said...

What a fantastic series of posts! I love your treasure hunt and how you documented it. You have a terrific site and as a fellow teenage sleuth, I commend you!