Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nancy Drew segment on Phoenix Fox 10

I don't think I ever pasted the link to the local Phoenix, AZ Fox 10 segment that aired on October 12. Check it out here!

Photo above I took of the reporter and camera guy in front of the collection. Note all the star wars additives in the piece--I'm wondering if the reporter collects that stuff. I still have all my Star Wars action figures from the 70s and some play sets!


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Jack C said...

Great piece Jenn- And everytime I see pics of your collection, it makes me jealous!! I'm one of those guys whose sister read the books, and I snuck to read them. Back then, sis didn't share much of anything w/ her little bro, so I had to be very covert to read any of her books!
Thanks for posting the video!