Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 Book Hunting for Nancy Drew #5

I was recently in Albuquerque, NM for an art show of my mom's and we did a little book hunting before we left town! At the antique shop on Central Ave called Classic Century Square, I hoped to check out this little book room they had that was always full of tons of series books. When I got there, the room was closed--and they'd moved out only to start their own bookstore. But while I was there, I discovered a lot of old magazines--they had back issues of Family Circle and Woman's Day. I found the 1980 Family Circle issue with the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Christmas story that Harriet Adams had written.

When I got home, I found that this was a better copy than my own, so I've now upgraded it:

Next was a stop at the bookstore, Simmons and Simmons, located at 4015 Central Ave NE, 505-294-9495.

They did have quite a bit of series books on hand as you can see below (click on these for larger images):

I found a book club yellow spine picture cover of Bungalow mystery that I thought might upgrade my own, but mine was just a tad better, so will list this at my website. More books:

Then we stopped in at Don's Paperback Book Exchange at 1013 San Mateo Blvd. SE, 505-268-0520.

They kept most of their Nancy Drews behind the counter. Mostly new flashlight pcs but a few older ones too--a first printing of Mysterious Letter picture cover if anyone's interested in pretty good shape:

We also stopped in at Title Wave Books, always a good stop. I didn't see many Nancys but they had quite a few Hardy Boys and some odds and ends. They're located at 1408 Eubank Blvd NE, 505-294-9495.

Then we were off to our last stop at Page One, which has a rare books room too. A regular children's section too and also a vintage series book section right outside the rare books room. Located at 11200 Montgomery Blvd, 505-299-6766.

Some shots of the books outside the rare book room:

Quite a few Three Investigators too:

Inside the rare books room, they had tons of old Cherry Ames in dust jackets, for anyone interested in these! I didn't check the prices though.

So I came back with the Family Circle issue to upgrade mine and the following--one of the Danas upgraded my white spine Dana of the same:

I was also able to upgrade my #100 Digest paperback, A Secret in Time, so I was excited about that. The Peggy Lanes were on a sales table for 1.00 each.



Jack C said...


Jealous about how many book stores you were able to visit in just one day- This first printing of "Mysterious Letter"... do you recall the price?


kate jeans said...

I wrote a lot of custom essay about Nancy Drew. She's my ultimate idol. Love her a lot.

Jenn said...


First picture cover printing of Mysterious Letter was 20.00 if memory serves.