Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 Nancy Drew Convention Wrap Up

Just a couple quick photos from our 2009 Nancy Drew Sleuth convention held in Las Vegas, NV from Sept. 30 - Oct. 4. Was a blast! We had a 70s style Nancy Drew disco Meet & Greet, competed in a Sleuth Survivor challenge at the Valley of Fire (George Tribe above won reward!--Her Interactive Nancy Drew computer games!), walked in Nancy Drew's footsteps, completed a CSI: Nancy Drew mystery game, and held our convention day with speakers, a Nancy Drew scrapbooking event, and a 1940s mystery dinner party complete with Nancy Drew gift exchange. See Sleuth Mary G's cool Nancy Drew bell bottoms below:

If you haven't attended one of these events, you must check out our 2010 convention details! April 2010 for land and a sea cruise--2 separate but run together events for double the fun! Hardy Boys fans invited too! Any Nancy Drew fan can attend--you don't have to be an official Nancy Drew Sleuth member--but you can join us for discounts!


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