Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Nancy Drew Name Drop

It happens to every hit show, every quirky to mainstream mystery book at some point or another. It may not have happened to them all yet, but it will. It's that oh so humorous or nostalgic nod to teenage sleuth Nancy Drew. They happen so frequently and so numerously, I've given up trying to keep track--after all Nancy Drew is a pop culture icon. A character either mentions their fondness for Nancy Drew or someone--usually a nosy female--gets referred to as Nancy Drew. Sometimes humorously, sometimes it's to criticize. Notably outside the fictional mystery genre is the Red Sox fielder, J.D. Drew who gets called Nancy Drew when he's being heckled.

What's so funny about being referred to as Nancy Drew--as a means to be critical--is that Nancy Drew was a super power. She was the bomb. She was on top and she always came out the big kahuna in the end. So to refer to someone as Nancy Drew is actually a compliment!

And what is so funny to me about the above philosophizing of the Nancy Drew name drop, is that it was a point driven home recently on the hit ABC show Castle starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic as detective novelist Richard Castle and detective Kate Beckett. It's a hilariously funny and charming mystery show that everyone should see--at least once to try.

In the recent episode 9 airing on Monday, May 4, Castle is being snarky with an FBI agent--they both have a thing for Kate--and Castle presents a theory on the crime that the FBI agent doesn't want to hear.

The FBI agent says to Kate: "Really, Kate...we're gonna waste time on the insights of Nancy Drew here?"

Castle retorts "Is that supposed to be an insult? Because Nancy Drew solved every case!"


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