Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nancy Drew Arts & Crafts #2

Ever hosted a Nancy Drew theme party? I've helped a lot of people over the years plan Nancy Drew parties that have e-mailed my website looking for ideas. Can't remember how, but I found this Blog: My Insanity with the cutest Nancy Drew party invites and had it bookmarked to check out again when I got a chance.

Check out the link--there are other neat pictures of items from the party! Through more links you can see pictures of the cake/etc.. Very cute ideas!

I've got quite a selection of party ideas located at the Nancy Drew Sleuths & ND Sleuths Jr. Detective Squad Websites for anyone interested in hosting your own parties!

Costco Connection even featured some of my party ideas in their June 2007 issue!

I've got some more party pics that I've been sent in the past and local AZ Nancy Drew Sleuths are having a party this fall so I'll be sure to add that to the Blog!


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