Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rudy Nappi Nancy Drew Ghost of Blackwood Hall Painting Sells for $3250.00

Also ending today, was another Nancy Drew cover art painting! Two in one day made for a nervously excited Jenn! Especially since I was bidding on this one. I'd mentioned this painting in a previous Blog, at our discussion group and noted it in the Jan/Feb '09 issue of The Sleuth. Below is the video taken as the auction was unfolding live online--and also includes the sale of the Hardy Boys painting following this one, Skull Mountain.

The painting was sold for $3250.00 plus fees to end at a little over $3800.00. I was outbid at the last minute. Once again, perhaps a Sleuth member or a collector amongst us was the high bidder? We may never know and it might just remain a mystery!

My hope is that more of these Nancy Drew paintings for the classic series will begin to surface in the coming years! Imagine if the Tandy painting for The Secret of the Old Clock was ever uncovered! I'd imagine that one would go for big bucks.


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