Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009 Book Hunting for Nancy Drew #2

Welcome to this virtual Blog style book hunt! I recently hit an antique mall in Apache Junction, AZ which always has series books throughout the place--and they seem to have good turnover too and reasonable prices for the most part!

Patterns of the Past Antique Mall
300 W Apache Trl # 101
Apache Junction, AZ 85220
(480) 671-3566

I ended up finding some red-topped Nancy Drew picture covers which were part of that bookstore promo, a Cameo edition, a Mildred Wirt Boy Scout Explorers book and the last Connie Blair book though it was missing the dust jacket.

As you can see from some of the photos I took, they had quite a variety--including a shelf+ of Bobbsey Twins in dust jackets which I find are hard to even give away to buyers sometimes, they just generally with some exceptions don't command very high prices. The following stack was what I walked out with:

I enjoy searching for books in person, it's nice to see the condition and hold the book. The thrill of the hunt is exciting too!



Jennifer said...

I had to click on your images of the antique mall's bookshelves so that I could scour them, in a virtual sense, of course. I love looking at nice selections of series books that are for sale. I didn't see anything really neat that I would have had to have purchased, but I couldn't help but check out what they had!

Jenn said...

Yeah--you never know what you'll find at a used book store or an antique mall especially!