Thursday, January 01, 2009

Nancy Drew Sleuths '08 Convention Photos

We had a great time last year in PA for the Sleuths '2008 convention: Bird-in-Hand, PA, a little town near Lancaster where in this area of PA, Nancy and her chums sleuthed around in The Witch Tree Symbol. Above was our banner on the convention day with the neat hex symbol Sleuth Kelly designed. Below is the fun cake the town's bakery decorated for us.

Sleuth Dean outdid himself on this gift for the Nancy Drew theme gift exchange--Nancyopoly!

Two of our members--Debbie and Marti came in character to the party: Villain Madame from Tolling Bell and Madame Alexandra from Jewel Box.

If you're interested in attending a convention, check out the Sleuths' website:


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