Friday, January 09, 2009

Nancy Drew in The History of Mystery

I was at Half Price Books a week ago and ran across a volume discounted for $19.98: The History of Mystery by Max Allan Collins. Very large oversize hardcover with dust jacket. Covers mystery books and features lots of illustrations and covers throughout from Edgar Allan Poe to Sashiell Hammett to Raymond Chandler to lots of pulp fiction covers--and even Nancy Drew!

Featured on pages 106-108 is information on boy and girl detectives: the Syndicate and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Pictured is the Applewood book cover of The Secret of the Old Clock.

For Drew enthusiasts who like to collect anything that has something to do with Nancy Drew this is for you--and if you like mystery in books, tv, etc.. this will be a nice feature on the history of this genre--makes a nice coffee table book too. Copyright 2001, Collectors Press.

If you don't have a Half Price Books, I've seen this listed often on eBay and also many copies abound at


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