Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Nancy Drew Date Book & Homework Planner

Advertised in the back of first printings of Wanderer paperback #59, The Secret of the Old Lace in 1980 was the My Nancy Drew Date Book & Homework Planner, which was available for a very short time.One recently came up for sale at eBay and sold for over $200.00. I wish I'd been the high bidder! Unfortunately the images used in the auction were fairly small, but the scans in this blog will give you an idea of what the planner was like.

The planner up for sale had been written in. I am hoping as more of the 1980 buyers who saved theirs are getting to that point of getting rid of childhood items, we'll see more of these come up for sale. That's me being optimistic. Realistically, I doubt many were saved, probably written in and tossed like other types of planners. So is this item rare? I'd hate to say rare, but it's pretty close. This is the only one I've seen for sale at eBay since 1997 when I joined eBay.


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