Sunday, January 11, 2009

1977 Nancy Drew TV Show Watch

It's no mystery, that's a Nancy Drew watch:)

So I was checking out eBay a week ago and came across a listing for a Nancy Drew watch--1977 Universal. The face as you can see features a somewhat Pamela Sue Martin style Nancy Drew with a magnifying glass and footprints. It's very Nancyish. I've never heard of this collectible before!

I'm not sure whether it was something available that people could order, perhaps a fan club item, or if it was a promotional item, maybe a cast/crew item. I'm going to contact some TV show people who worked on the show to see if they can shed some light on it. My other thought was some kind of bootleg item.

What stunned me more was that the bidding ended at only $35.89! Where were all the bidders, the usual suspects? Not that I'm complaining:)

I'll let you all know more once I receive the watch and do some digging.


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