Thursday, January 15, 2009

1977 Nancy Drew TV Show Watch Part 3

An update thanks to a fellow ND collector/Sleuth Vicki! She had a 1977 Hardy Boys watch and I'm including pictures in this blog.

Similar design to the Nancy Drew watch, and dated 1977 and Universal City Studios, Inc. The band is different, but it's for a boy, so that's not a huge clue or anything.

Now to just find out how it was sold! My original thought was that it might have been sold at Universal Studios--maybe in the gift shop--but I checked out some of my other TV show collectibles and noticed the puzzle and the lunchbox all have the same designation of Universal City Studios, Inc. Sears did have a clothing line featuring Sean Cassidy on most items around 1978, so perhaps the watch might have been offered in one of the catalogs--Sear's, Pennys, etc..

I'll keep digging...


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