Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nancy Drew Finds at eBay

I thought I would highlight some Nancy Drew finds I've made on eBay recently--some odds and ends. The above picture is a set of the UK Girl Detective books which have a fun cartoon-like Nancy on the cover which I always liked since at least you could see Nancy on the cover. The regular Girl Detective books until recently just featured a clip art type graphic which was rather boring. You could order these through Amazon.UK but the price got pretty steep with shipping. There was a UK seller selling a whole bundle of them along with the movie novelization and with shipping it only came to about US $55.00 and so I thought that was reasonable!

When the Nancy Drew movie was released in the UK, this wide version of the poster was used to advertise. I finally broke down and ordered one from a UK seller.

I like to do searches for Nancy Drew in odd places and in stores and came up with this book reports set that I'd seen at auction before but never bid on. It features Nancy Drew in one of the chapters.

If you like gossip this may be the collectible for you--Pamela Sue Martin reveals why she left the 1970s Nancy Drew TV Show in this issue of Toni Holt's Movie Life. Who is Toni Holt?!

I also recently purchased at eBay the 2nd printing of The Password to Larkspur Lane. It has the same dust jacket as the first printing, so I now just need to find the first printing book (listing both 1932 and 1933 on the copyright page) to go with it!


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