Tuesday, August 05, 2008

eBay Sleuth #13: The Case of the Not So Sneaky Image Thieves

More eBay commentary on what's up for auction every once in a while to help educate collectors and--well, have snarky fun too:) So, I'll highlight a few interesting finds, crazy listings, and eBay Nancy Drew flubs and the like. Chime in, in the comments section with your thoughts or questions! Copy the item number and go to http://www.ebay.com and enter it into the search box to view the following auctions:

(Disclaimer: No offense meant to any seller or bidder/potential bidder--I'm sure you're all lovely people:)...)


The Case of the Uninflated Nancy Drew eBay Prices!

Has anyone else noticed, that Nancy Drew books are now selling way back to normal levels?! For awhile, they were selling at insanely high prices, and now they seem to have leveled off for once. So it's a buyer's market again it would appear for most things:)

The Case of the Not So Sneaky Image Thief:

Item Number: 230275472046 Description: ~NANCY DREW~Vintage Cover Art~ Altered Art CHARMS~

(Ended: 8-02-08 ) - Someone decided to pilfer images from my website to make unlicensed altered art charms;) Of course, I being a Nancy Drew collector would never notice this as I never check eBay;) Whatever! It really annoys me. It's such a double edged sword. I like to have a nice website with images for people to enjoy, but the drawback is that I have to put up with people like this who steal images for their own use--and one of them I took a little more time to work with graphically rather than just straight scanning of a book cover. You want some cool altered art charms? Well, we'll be selling some for the Nancy Drew Sleuths convention this year, so check back at my website and the Sleuths' website in mid-August. Also Nancy Drew handbags and journals made from vintage covers, officially licensed from S&S!

What a Way to Recycle!

Item Number: 200244555117 Description: MILEY OOAK Repaint By Pamela Inspired by Miley C. ~ 50/50 30 lay-away available!

(Ends: 08/08/08) - Wow what a use for a Tonner Nancy Drew Doll! Remade as Miley Cyrus ?! Let's hope this doll doesn't have racy photos surface on the Internet;) I think Nancy would be horrified;)

Nancy Drew Collectible Finds:

If you're looking to add collectibles to your collection, here's a few you might check out:

Item Number: 250279371733 Description: Nancy Drew 2003 Calendar. Great Condition!

(Ends: 08/12/08) - If you missed getting this calendar in '03, here's your chance. Could cut it up for use in scrapbooking too:)

Item Number: 250278023446 Description: NANCY DREW MYSERIES LUNCH BOX 1977 3-D

(Ends: 08/07/08) - A 1970s TV Show lunch box with Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy Drew!

Item Number: 260261632685 Description: Nancy Drew Adventure Deck Mummy's the Word Tangled Tale

(Ends: Store Listing, so indefinate) - They're not making this game anymore, to my knowledge, so if you never got one, here's your chance!


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