Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nancy Drew Gamers News

Nancy Drew is booming in the gaming business! Coming out in July are 2 games: Her Interactive's The Phantom of Venice (shown above) and Majesco's Nintendo DS: The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society (shown below). The Phantom of Venice will figure in to next year's Nancy Drew Sleuth convention in Las Vegas!

A screen capture from The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society:

Not by Majesco, but THQ games, is another Nancy Drew Nintendo DS, The Hidden Staircase--based on the classic Nancy Drew book! Love the spooky house in the background! This game will debut in October.

It is exciting to see more products coming out about our favorite detective chum! Look for similar products for The Hardy Boys to start coming out as well!



G.G. said...

Those video games look awesome!

I'm not a huge fan of the computer games anymore, though. That one looked creepy.

Jenn said...

The green mask is kind of creepy:)


speechteach said...

Is there more information available on the 2009 convention? I just ordered your book recently and I started a Nancy Drew blog and started collecting the books again. The past conventions sound like a blast! I would love to go! Thanks for making it fun!

Jenn said...

Thanks, hope you have enjoyed the Clues book! We don't have any info on the 2009 convention just yet, but bookmark our website and we'll be updating it from time to time as we have more info available:

If you're interested in our PA convention this year and can register right away, I can take on a few more attendees! Just e-mail me at:


Lady J said...

I'll be honest... I'm in my late twenties and have played Nancy Drew games for over seven years. Who says they are only for children?

Do you plays these games at all, or your children? Just trying to gauge the games' audience. Great blog!

Jenn said...

Everyone plays them--from kids to adults :)


Anonymous said...

The HeR games are some of the best and most high quality games I have ever played!
I've had the Hidden Staircase game before but...sadly,over time,it gets boring and I eventually sold it.
I give reviews for the HeR games/ND books on my blog.
Sassy sleuth