Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nancy Drew Collectible Finds

I have decided to start sharing some of my eBay/book hunting finds in the blog! I have a lot of items in my collection:) But I still have some loose ends to track down. One of these was the 3rd book in the promo red ink-topped pages set. Books 1-3 were issued this way in a book store promotion of some kind. I had Old Clock and Bungalow Mystery and finally have added Hidden Staircase to the collection. I have purchased all three now from eBay and luckily the seller in each listing chose to mention or highlight the red tops which helped me discover them. Otherwise you have to e-mail the seller of each auction to ask if the tops are red by chance. And that can be a chore! Book is shown above.
Also here is a sample of one of my recent ads purchased. I like how they have a side bar of images of the various series book characters. The page next to this one featured the Nancy Drew books. But there's a cute little illustration of Nancy holding a magnifying glass while looking at a letter/note. Similar in style to the blue multi-pic endpapers.

More finds to come!


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