Friday, February 15, 2008

Sleuthing for Nancy Drew at eBay #3

More eBay commentary on what's up for auction every once in a while to help educate collectors and--well, have snarky fun too:) So, I'll highlight a few interesting finds, crazy listings, and eBay Nancy Drew flubs and the like. Chime in, in the comments section with your thoughts or questions! Copy the item number and go to and enter it into the search box to view the following auctions:

(Disclaimer: No offense meant to any seller or bidder/potential bidder--I'm sure you're all lovely people:)...)


Item Number: 190198790829 Description: CAROLYN KEENE Nancy Drew: Missing Map FIRST PRINTING
(Ends: Feb. 20, '08 ) - Wow, pricey! $1350.00 for a first Missing Map! Farah's Guide's value for this book is $230.00, or about 1/6th the asking price of this auction. This value is extremely inflated, you can find a first at eBay from time to time for much less. Farah's value is more on target and recall that's a value for a book/dust jacket in excellent shape, flaws devalue! There are quite a few more auctions by this seller with very high opening bids, no takers. These have been relisted several times too.

Item Number: 130198273786 Description: Nancy Drew Race Against Time
(Ends: Feb. 20, '08) - This is the original painting for this book by Ruth Sanderson! Some of you may find the commentary in the auction description amusing...



Shell in the City said...

I always laugh when I see overpriced items. I guess the sellers don't adequately research the values and/or assume that someone will pay a ridiculous price for something they consider so valuable. I am sure there are nuts out there with money to blow that may overspend!!

Jenn said...

Yes, the overpriced items are guaranteed to send bidders running:)


Anonymous said...