Thursday, January 03, 2008

Clues for Real Life Update

Nancy Fans:
I've relocated my blog at Blogspot, rather than at my website, as I was having file/archiving errors that couldn't be fixed easily, so bookmark this link:
2007 was quite a year for Nancy Drew! I stayed very busy between the Warner Brothers movie release and my book coming out.
My book came out last November and has been well received. I had a great time compiling it and Meredith Books did a great job illustrating it with images from classic book covers and internal illustrations. One oddity, is that you can find it in bookstores--Barnes and Noble, Borders, and the like--both online and in person. However, at the stores, it's being shelved in sections like "Self Help!" It's rather amusing, since this book is not a self help book. I suppose if you found yourself loitering in the self help section with a few issues in your life, this book might lighten your load a bit with its wit and humor and fun nostalgia:) It's actually a humor/nostalgia book, so the designation for the self help section is a bit odd in and of itself.
Last December, I had a book signing and gave a talk at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ. It was a lot of fun and I hope to go back this spring sometime. I will be speaking at the Phoenix Library in March '08 for a Nancy Drew mystery event and will focus on the Clues book as well. This coming September 12th, I will be in Dearborn, Michigan for a series book event at the library involving their huge collection of children's series literature and the Nancy Drew display they will have. I am one of the presenters for opening night. Then in late September, the Sleuths' 8th annual convention will be taking place in the Lancaster, PA area for a Witch Tree Symbol theme--Sept. 30-Oct. 5, 2008. For more info on the convention check it out:

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Hannah said...

Well, I am going to find myself in the Self Help section buying that book very soon!:D I got to see the Nancy Drew movie yesterday and it was pretty much amazing! As goes the song. I would have seen it in theaters but...It wasn't playing anywhere! I think that the sleuth program is really cool!