Friday, March 09, 2007

Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys TV Shows: 30th Anniversary!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Television series that began in January 1977 and ran for 3 seasons. Coming out in June is the release of the second season on DVD!

The Nancy Drew Sleuths convention in June will focus in part on the 1970s TV shows.

I'm sad to report that Andy Sidaris, husband of TV show producer Arlene Sidaris, has passed away. Some of you may not have realized that Andy directed some of the TV show episodes. My sympathies to Arlene and her family.



Time For Something New said...

Here is the link for Nancy Drew's Myspace page for the new movie

Time For Something New said...


Here are some links for the new Nancy Drew Movie


Myspace Link:

Flickr Link: (New photos from film)


Jabogitlu said...

My sympathies to Arlene. She's such a nice lady!

Anonymous said...

yay! I am happy about the 2nd 1!