Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nancy Drew Convention!

Any Nancy Drew Fans Out There!?

You might be interested in attending the big Nancy Drew convention in Pasadena, CA: June 13-17 this year! Timed to the release of the Warner Brothers Nancy Drew Movie! Check out the Nancy Drew Sleuths' website:

It's going to be lots of fun!

I've not updated this blog in ages, my usual excuse: Too many projects ongoing! But I'll be making an effort to update it more often now that the movie is fast approaching.

Anyone planning to see the movie? What do you think of the first trailer they've released?

I wanted to make a comment on that for all you sleuths out there:) The trailer does show that Nancy is solving a mystery--about an actress who died mysteriously, but it also has a "mean girls" kind of concept to it. If you've seen the movie "mean girls" you'll know what I'm talking about. I think they tailored the trailer to appeal to today's kids/tweens/teens by playing up this snotty girls issue between Nancy and the Hollywood teens while focusing less on the fact that this movie is about a mystery.

To anyone that has been turned off by that, never fear, the movie is about mystery and lots of it, the teen stuff is more of a backdrop to the mystery. So, I think this movie will appeal to anyone who has enjoyed Nancy Drew over the years--you'll get an instant feel of classic Nancy while watching her sleuth and search for clues in the old "haunted" mansion. You might recall the atmosphere of The Hidden Staircase or The Secret in the Old Attic, you'll get a sense of that in this movie.

They may even make a sequel or two--depends on the success of this first film, so go out and support your favorite teen sleuth by seeing the movie, and maybe you'll see more of them made. If they make a sequel, perhaps Bess, George, and River Heights will play a larger role.



Anonymous said...

I'm interested in seeing it. I'm glad that a Nancy Drew movie has finally been made but I was very much turned off by the trailer. Hope the movie will be much better!

Rebecca said...

I really want to see the movie! The trailer only made this desire more prominent. Most of my friends HATE Emma Roberts with a passion, but I love her!

Anonymous said...

I have seen the movie and it is BRILLIANT! I strongly advise everyone to go and see it!! It is brill.