Monday, October 23, 2006

Nancy Drew News & Updates

I must be insane to plan so much at the same time, but I guess that's why I like multi-tasking! I managed to pick Sept./Oct. to be the time to finish my book proposal and get it sent off to publishers, write an article for Firsts Magazine, put together the first printed edition of The Sleuth and get it mailed out, finish planning and excecution of the Sleuths' 6th annual convention in Chicago, and keep up with all of my Halloween party planning and sales. I think I need a vacation--and not the Nancy Drew adventure type vacation either:)

Some news! Of course, these dates are somewhat tentative at the moment, but are probably the final dates for next year's Sleuth convention: June 13-17. The premier of the Warner Brothers movie is on June 15. They say the dates are never set in stone, but it's likely these dates are since they've moved the date around so many times.

Above left, is the cover for the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective book, Murder on the Set which comes out next July--should be an interesting book, not sure if there is a tie-in to the movie coming out in anyway--something I need to look in to.

I'm also posting a few pics from the Sleuth convention which was a lot of fun! Members toured "River Heights Country" while solving mysteries at Red Gate Farm and found a Hollow Oak treasure! Activities included: All Day Bus trip of book hunting, antiquing, visit to a real life Red Gate Farm, Hollow Oak treasure hunt, Sleuth Madonna's Red Gate Farm party, Chicago sightseeing, visit to the American Girl Store to view Nancy Drew book on display, Danger on the Great Lakes dinner cruise on Lake Michigan, presentations at the Chicago Children's Museum, a Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza dinner, a Joker's Revenge game, and a fun Nancy Drew theme gift exchange. The pictures are of the book at American Girl, the cake at Madonna's party, and the image I put on cards I gave as part of my gift in the gift exchange--using sayings from Nancy Drew books.

Next year is a pretty big year for Nancy Drew--hope you are all as excited as I am!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

Actually, there is a tie-in adaptation of the movie that's been announced: Nancy Drew: Murder in the Hollywood Hills, by Daniela Burr. It will be published by Simon Spotlight sometime in 2007.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, My name is Emily. I am one of Nancy Drew's biggest fans! I can't wait til' her movie comes out. I have her old series, season one, on DVD. My bedroom door is decorated Nancy Drew. I cam read one of her hardcovered books in one day. I am also an ameture detective.

Kathryn said...

Hi Jenn,
I was wondering if you knew about the Nancy Drew computer games. They have mysteries that you as Nancy drew have to solve, it's a lot of fun. The newest one just came out it's called Nancy Drew and the Haunting of Castle Maloy. If you want to learn more go to