Monday, May 08, 2006

Nancy Drew Update: Girl Detective Series

Here's a synopsis for the upcoming books in the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series, #20 Getting Burned and also the intriguing #21 Close Encounters:

Getting Burned--The animal shelter where Nancy volunteers burns down--which leaves a lot of displaced orphaned animals and a big case for Nancy. She and her friends put on a concert to raise funds for rebuilding the shelter. Strange people keep joining the volunteer staff though, and someone's trying to foil their plans. Whoever it is has picked the wrong gal to mess with!

Close Encounters--Nancy, Bess, and George head to Brody's Junction, Vermont, to fly down the slopes. Little do they realize they're in for flying saucers! Hundreds of tourists have invaded the town to watch the purported UFO sightings, which are odd enough. Odder still are reports of townspeople being abducted and the strange clues that seem to point to little green men as the culprits. Nancy's mantra, though, is "innocent until proven guilty," and she's hoping to have a close encounter with some hard facts before the town spins out of control.

In other Nancy Drew News, if you remember the 1995 Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys TV series (if you don't, many didn't see it either as it wasn't distributed well), you can order the shows at Amazon Canada (you might also see copies at eBay for sale too.)


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