Sunday, February 26, 2006

Update: Nancy Drew Movie News

Added to the cast are:

Caroline Aaron as Barbara Barbara
Cliff Bemis as Chief McGinnis
David Doty as Father Murphy

Also, the release date has been set as April 2007--so look for a huge Nancy Drew Sleuth convention in Hollywood, CA in April 2007. When I have more exact dates, I'll post them.



NDfan said...

Hey, Jenn!
Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your entire blog. I especially like how you keep updating on the movie (although I wish it was coming out sooner!).

I read the comment from the girl who was explaining what she thought of the new ND series. I, too, am twelve. I agree with her on all but one point: I like the first person version of the books. It makes it feel more like you're really there. However, I don't mind third-person, either.

How come the website does not update more often?

I have a link to that site, and the site on my own Nancy Drew site ( I'll have to add a link to your blog, too. Thanks!

ndfan said...

P.S. Jenn, could you add me to your links page on the ndsleuths site?