Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Nancy Drew Movie Cast

An update!

Max Thieriot as Ned
Josh Flitter as Corky
Kelly Vitz as Trish
Daniela Monet as Inga
Tate Donovan as Carson Drew
Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew
Amy Bruckner as Bess Marvin
Kay Panabaker as George Fayne
Laura Harring as Dehlia Draycott

Dehlia is the actress whose death Nancy Drew investigates in Hollywood Hills.

I'd like to take a moment to plug the Nancy Drew stationary items from Chronicle Books! They are so nicely done, I'm very impressed. About a year ago, I was contacted about lending books from my collection to be photographed for their products. Another Sleuth member had also lent them some of her books. I sent in the following book covers which were reproduced:

The Secret of the Old Clock (2nd cover art)
The Bungalow Mystery (2nd cover art)
The Sign of the Twisted Candles (1st cover art)
The Sign of the Twisted Candles (2nd cover art)
The Password to Larkspur Lane (2nd cover art)
The Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion (2nd cover art)
The Quest of the Missing Map (2nd cover art)
The Secret in the Old Attic (2nd cover art)
The Mystery of the Tolling Bell (1st cover art)
The Clue in the Old Album (2nd cover art)
The Ghost of Blackwood Hall (1st cover art)
The Clue of the Leaning Chimney (1st cover art)
The Clue of the Velvet Mask (1st cover art)
The Scarlet Slipper Mystery (1st cover art)
The Witch Tree Symbol (1st cover art)
The Hidden Window Mystery (1st cover art)

One of my favorite items out now are the postcards shown above and also the address book featuring Mysterious Letter 2nd art cover on the front. Very neat--instead of "name" it has "suspect" and then has "last known address" and also a line for "suspicious behaviors." A lot of the internal artwork from the books is featured too and also endpapers.

The quality is great--they could have just done what some companies do and just slap a cover from one of the books on and do nothing original to the inside nor nostalgic to tie in the books. Instead, they went the extra mile to create something appealing and fun.




Anonymous said...

What Nancy Drew movie?

Jenn said...

The one that Warner Brothers is currently filming--it will be released April 2007.

Katie said...

Hi Jenn!
I just had a thing to bring up. Did you notice how Ned from the 2007 Nancy Drew movie looks a little like Frankie thomas' Ted in the 1930's movies.